Autumn colours on the trees with a view through the trees looking up the River Tweed from Old Melrose

The Estate

Set in a meander of the River Tweed, just 2 miles from Melrose, the Old Melrose Estate lies in a wooded gorge that keeps it almost completely hidden from the outside world. Stunning trees with spectacular autumn colours and an amazing array of wildlife make this a perfect spot for people wanting to retreat from the pressures of modern life and connect with nature on an Estate focused on nature conservation.

Old Melrose Estate is a 300 acre mixed arable and sheep farm set in the rolling hills of the Scottish Borders. Its central location and stunning riverside landscape make it an attractive destination for visitors keen to enjoy its wildlife and natural beauty. Whether casting a fly in pursuit of a salmon, visiting the tearooms for a slice of cake and a cup of tea, or staying in one of Its dog friendly holiday cottages you are guaranteed a memorable visit. A walk through the woodlands or a stroll along the riverside paths will enable you to enjoy a natural landscape unaltered over the last 200 years.

The Estate is focused on improving its biodiversity and giving the best possible support to its wildlife, trees and plants. This form of Nature Conservation is achieved by constantly monitoring and improving all the different habitats, linking different habitats together through the use of habitat corridors and by making changes to the way the land is farmed so that the Estate’s nature and wildlife benefits from all farming decisions. As part of this Nature Conservation the Estate aims to ensure that all its operations are sustainable. As such the Estate is focused on minimising its carbon footprint and where possible ensuring that its activities are carbon neutral.

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