The Salmon fishing at Old Melrose consists of one and a half miles of right bank fishing with eight named pools.  Nearly all of it is fishable and it copes well with low water, whilst still containing sufficient fishing for high water conditions.


20lbs+ salmon are caught each year at Old Melrose.  To gain the most enjoyment from this beat it is important that fishers can spey cast and are competent waders.  There is a Fishing hut and a toilet on the beat with a good access road to the hut.

Day Rods
Two day rods are let between the end of the September and mid October and there is a Ghillie looking after these rods.  The minimum let is one rod for three days.

Salmon Fishing availability for this Season:

Throughout the Season with the exception of two weeks in October which are fished by the Owners the beat is let on a Syndicate basis with three Syndicate members fishing the same day each week.

The Syndicate is currently full.

Day Rods (2024):

  • 19-21 Sept 2 Rods 3 days at £180 per rod per day.
  • 10-12 Oct 2 Rods 3 days at £180 per rod per day.

Please contact the Estate Office for more information on availability or to put your name on our syndicate waiting list.