Our Story

William & Frankie Younger are the fourth generation to live at Old Melrose since its purchase as a family home and working Estate in 1900. Under their stewardship the Estate now focuses on Nature Conservation and working with nature to build a more sustainable future as well as using education to empower future generations to do the same. They have overseen a diversification of the Estate’s activities which now include new Holiday cottages, Tearooms, Walks, a Woodland Classroom as well as a site for weddings and events. They live on the Estate with their 3 children, 2 dogs, 3 pigs, 10 chickens and 2 horses.

Our values

We are passionate about nature and the environment and our vision is to ensure that everyone visiting Old Melrose has the opportunity to enjoy our wonderful landscape and wildlife whilst connecting with nature in a manner that inspires them to learn something new about it.  Research shows that those people who have a close connection with nature experience improved mental and physical well-being and are more likely to protect it in the future.

As landowners it is our responsibility to ensure that the land and its nature is protected and enhanced for future generations and that the local community benefit from it.  As such all Estate management decisions follow our stated stewardship responsibilities which are:

  • A need to interpret and preserve our heritage
  • A need to support our local Community
  • A need to minimise the environmental impact of our activities
  • A need to protect and enhance our wildlife and natural landscape

In addition, we measure the success of our business activities not just by looking at economic growth but by ensuring we maintain the correct balance between economic growth, environmental care and community well-being.


The Estate is proud to support and work with the local community. There is a Tearoom with designated walks open to the public year round. The Melrose Scout Group has a Scout Hut and camp in the woods enabling them to operate outdoors all year round. The Estate also has a riverside site available to be used by local High Schools and other community Groups for camping as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Education &
Well being

The Estate has set up a Woodland Classroom which is used by Local primary schools and community groups including the Melrose Scouts. The benefits to Well Being of learning and playing outdoors are immense and it is hoped that by educating the next generation about nature they will grow up more inclined to look after it for the benefit of their children.